Systemic changes are ahead…

Today I’m excited to announce the new MixedUp Millennial content strategy for our site rebrand.
[Why is the project being undertaken? Describe an opportunity or problem that the project is to address.]
Life can be complicated and messy. Between the election, changes in my employment status, and much of the fear I need to unpack in my new role as a public servant, this platform serves as a tool to document my experiences as I make sense of the new changes I face. This resource can also help me reframe my understanding of how some of my past experiences shape my current day decisions — especially in areas that haven’t quite healed yet. 
Writing used to be:
  • an excellent tool to help me understand my needs better,
  • a mechanism to provide others with the space I need to empathize with them when I’m running low on patience,
  • and a resource to methodically strategize how I’d like to navigate situations and people that were toxic for me.
Because of my (long ass) job search and some of the public facing roles I’ve held which have required a degree of discretion, I’ve been struggling to share a genuine account of my fears and frustrations in writing and even with my (awesome) trauma-therapist.
But I’ve learned from close friends as I begin to unlock old memories and develop new perspectives, that some people have benefitted from hearing about my challenges as a millennial of color. I’ve learned a lot of difficult truths that would have saved me a lot of hardship and frustration. And some of the resources I’ve stumbled across could be useful to others who have had to navigate similar systemic barriers like the ones I’ve faced trying to remedy some of these challenges.
I am hoping that the level of anonymity that this platform provides will grant me with the space to sort and clarify my thoughts and feelings as I try to unlearn some of the fear I’ve accrued throughout these experiences.


Ultimately, I aspire to rise to the occasion in my new role as a public health official in my local municipal government and to simply be a better, more effective person.
I would personally like to
Upon completion of this project, the reader will have a much clearer understanding of:
·         [how systemic poverty and cheap labor creates undue hardship and psychological duress for many Americans}
·         [possible systemic strategies for overcoming some of these challenges]
·         [how to display empathy and be an effective ally toward those who face similar challenges]
[What will be the end result of the project? Describe what phases of work will be undertaken. It’s also important to mention what activities will not be included in this project.]
However, if I learned anything (the hard way), it’s that the only long-term remedy to systemic challenges is to create systemic changes that make it easy for those interventions to succeed. 
Key Stakeholders
My Target Audience
[TBD], People closest to me
Project Milestones
[Identify the significant project milestones]
  1. Cleaning up previous posts (to make them more coherent)
  2. Updating & Backdating information gaps (there’s a LOT that you don’t know about)
  3. Adding new content
Project Budget
[Describe the main project expenses: non-recurring & monthly recurring.]
Good question; How much time DO I want to spend on this? [TBD]
Constraints, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies
[Describe here potential factors that will impact the delivery of the project]
Time, Structure, this process is not automated, some of these memories extend beyond my own personal threshold of tolerance
[Describe here conditions or situations that you are relying on in order to achieve project goals]
The content strategy is supposed to make it easy to redirect my attention to this space as needed
Risks and Dependencies
[What are the most significant risks? What things must happen before the project is delivered?]
The biggest risk I must be mindful of is not to violate the privacy of others when discussing my experiences, I must use discretion so as not to violate the terms of any NDA contracts I may have signed which might put me in legal jeopardy or create an ethical conflict of interest